Deepoon M2 VR Headset Review

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There are so many headset options out there now that making a decision over just one can be intimidating. One of the best products on the market right now is the Deepoon M2 VR Headset. This product is rather unique because of the AMOLED screen and its immersive, interactive system. Based on these qualities alone, this headset is more than worth considering. This article will provide an in-depth review into this VR headset.

Deepoon M2 VR Headset: Specs

Headset Type All-in-one machine
Resolution 1280 x 720
Field of View 96°
Sensors Built-in sensor for immersion purposes
Controls Not included
Platform Samsung 2K AMOLED
Amazon Rating No rating provided
Our Rating 3.8/5

There are a few, main features to the Deepoon M2 VR headset. The number one attraction is the immersion it provides through Samsung 2K AMOLED. Partaking in the immersion process is simple and easy, and it allows for a long-lasting impression on the user.

At the same time, it is one of the most popular types of VR headsets in design: head mounted. This feature will prevent the headset from moving around or becoming loose during usage. It is adjustable and fits anyone’s noggin.

Additionally, it has a high-performance configuration in regards to power consumption to make the most out of the headset’s battery life. The field of view is 96 degrees, which also allows for a 360 experience with ease.

Pros & Cons

As with all headsets, the Deepoon M2 also has strengths and weaknesses. Find them listed below in convenient Pros and Cons lists.

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  • The head fixing uses a T-belt design for a maximum fit
  • Frames Per Second: 70 HZ
  • Includes a headphone jack
  • Charged through micro USB port and cord
  • Face foam can be replaced with ease
  • There is only a 19-millisecond delay between the device being used with the headset and the headset’s field of view
  • Only weighs a little more than three pounds

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  • The headset does not have replacement foam for the face area
  • Does not come with headphones built-in
  • Does not come with controllers


Deepoon M2 VR Headset: Design & Requirements

Deepoon M2 VR

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Deepoon’s M2 VR Headset uses a T-belt arrangement for attaching it to a person’s head. This design allows for optimal stabilization of the product on a person’s head and face. Therefore, they can stand, sit, or lay down in any position without worries of the headset coming loose or sliding off. At the same time, this T-belt can be adjusted to fit any person’s head with ease and comfort.

This headset does require the user to provide a few things. First and foremost, it does not come with any controllers. If you want to use controllers, then you need to purchase them separately. Furthermore, this headset does not come with headphones. They also need to be provided by the user for an ultimate VR experience.

Deepoon M2 VR Headset: Controls & Display

As mentioned previously, this headset does not come with controls already included as part of the package. They can be purchased separately, but it is not clear whether or not controls can be used for this headset. It does claim to produce optimal sensory experiences for gaming, so it can be deduced that adding in controls is an option.

The display is something else all to itself, and it makes this headset more than worth considering. It promotes a 360-degree rotation for viewing all areas surrounding the person in the game or a movie. At the same time, it also offers a 96-degree field of view. There is only a 19-millisecond delay between the device providing video input and the actual headset. This headset puts out 70 HZ for frames per second, which is more than enough power to keep videos looking crisp and clear.

Deepoon M2 VR Headset: Setup

Not much information is known about the setup for this headset. A smartphone can be inserted behind the viewing screen for the ability to interactively watch videos, TV shows, and movies through immersion tactics. It does feature a sensor for visual, tactical, and auditory input, which also heightens that immersion tactic. These sensors can be fine-tuned through a battery of tests during setup before playing a game or watching a video takes place. At the same time, these sensors can be adjusted along the way with ease.

Deepoon M2 VR Headset: User Experience

Most users of this headset have stated that it provides a great video experience, but they find that the audio is a bit lacking. This situation mostly rings true because headphones have to be provided in addition to the headset. Therefore, the headphone might not connect well with the audio sensors to make sure the sound quality is on point.

Another user claims that the T-Belt system can be a little tight and difficult to adjust for the first few times you use the headset. It appears to break in over a period of usage, but this situation does take time. Additionally, replacing the face foam is something you can do easily, but you do need to purchase the extra foam separately.

Finally, there is a concern about the VR headset not coming with controls. It needs to have some controllers for gaming experiences to take place, and it is not clear as to which brand or model of controllers work best with this headset.

Bottom Line

For a person simply looking for just a VR headset to watch movies, this model is a great option. Since it does not come with a matching headset or controllers, finding the right trio of equipment can make gaming experiences difficult to figure out. The total immersion design is what makes this headset worth considering, though. Additionally, the system is overall comfortable to wear, which means it will not cause too much pressure or pain throughout a viewing experience. Should this article provide insight into this product for you, please share your experiences, thoughts, or questions.

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