Eve: Valkyrie Review

Eve Valkyrie Review

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EVE Valkyrie reviews have been mixed since the game’s launch with PlayStation VR, but a recent update has removed the VR requirement entirely. So how does the game that promises gamers the chance to sit in the cockpit of a spaceship and dogfight to their heart’s content measure up? Some of the current VR experiences can be less than ideal, but that did not impact the developer’s decision to open the game to non-VR players. One of the hurdles to getting VR into every household is a stable of fantastic must-play VR games. Does EVE Valkyrie deserve to be on this list or is it something to be pushed aside after having been played once? Read on our EVE Valkyrie review to find out.

Eve: Valkyrie

Developer CCP Games
Game Type Action, General, Simulation, Space, Combat
Compatible Equipment PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR headset required for PS4 play, also available on PC for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift formats
Number Of Players 1

Your VR Experience with EVE Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie Game Review

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The exhilarating experience of flying through space in EVE Valkyrie is a one of a kind introduction to virtual reality. We have all yearned to strap on a headset and sit down in the cockpit to blast away at spaceships in spectacular dogfights and EVE Valkyrie delivers on that front. It is easily the best of the launch VR games for the PlayStation 4 as it is one of the few VR games that is played while seated. In fact, this point was often lauded by many EVE Valkyrie review writers.

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VR Visuals

If you experience just one game in VR, make sure it is EVE Valkyrie. CCP Games has already created a massive, sprawling world of gorgeous space views in its massively multiplayer game, EVE Online, but that presentation carries through in EVE Valkyrie, too. Stunning visual effects make it feel as if the player is actually within the cockpit of this massive spaceship. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the variety of spaceships to fly, all featuring unique designs. When you look down, you can see your pilot’s arms, but you cannot perform gestures like most VR games. Since the game uses a standard PlayStation 4 controller, the character will perform all the appropriate gestures as you fly the ship.

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The interior detailing on the cockpit for the ships features readouts for all the relevant details for gameplay, such as the enemy’s health and the details of the current mission the player is on. How a ship looks also determines how it functions in the world, with one ship having a massive fixed laser attached to the front. Another featured a rotating turret to allow the player to shoot in the direction they are looking independently of which direction they are flying. Most Eve Valkyrie review writers focus on the gameplay and completely ignore how gorgeous this game can be.

Compatible VR Equipment

EVE Valkyrie is available as a PlayStation 4 VR launch title and only requires a PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR headset to play. However, the requirements are a bit different on PC.

It is available on both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, but you will need an additional Xbox 360 controller or Xbox One controller to play the game. None of the standard VR controllers that come with either of these headsets will work with the game. For PC gamers who want a more immersive experience, EVE Valkyrie is also compatible with most popular HOTAS systems.

The Warzone update for EVE Valkyrie made it more accessible to players who don’t have a VR headset, but most EVE Valkyrie review writers recommend that you play the game with VR the first time around.

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Story and Player Skills

Unfortunately, EVE Valkyrie is pretty light on the story since it is primarily designed as a multiplayer game. The first few story missions a player undertakes will highlight some of the reason why you are fighting, but for the rest, you will have to turn to outside sources.

Since EVE Valkyrie takes place within the greater world of EVE Online, and that game has been operating for more than fifteen years, there is tons of history here. The relevant story bits and a prequel to Valkyrie were introduced as a four-part comic series published by Dark Horse which you can read online, or purchase as a physical collector’s item.

Mostly, this game is for anyone who has ever dreamed of shooting spaceships with friends. Each of the 13 ships has a unique history and background, and they each handle differently while running missions. Early EVE Valkyrie reviews were right to point out the lack of story, as it is a sore spot for the game when there is such potential for the genre.

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Best VR Features

In a recent update entitled Warzone, CCP dropped the requirement for VR to experience EVE Valkyrie. That means you can play the game without needing a VR headset, but that is probably not the best way to play, considering it was designed with VR in mind. Not to mention, those who are using VR headsets go up against those who do not use them, giving them a distinct advantage with ships that require tricky piloting.

The ability to play a VR game while sitting down is probably the most stand-out feature of EVE Valkyrie since most gamers play games to relax and enjoy the world’s immersion. Valkyrie provides that in short combat-tense missions with friends and a variety of ships that you can customize through skill trees and your own play style.

Eve Valkyrie: Warzone

Eve Valkyrie Review

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Final Thoughts

Overall, EVE Valkyrie is absolutely best experienced as the VR game it was intended to be when it debuted. The Warzone update has made it accessible to more people outside of the realm of VR, but to truly experience the game in its fullest glory you will need to strap on that headset.

What do you think? Has the Warzone update made the game worthy of playing even if you don’t own a VR headset or do you prefer the VR experience? Early EVE Valkyrie reviews were mixed, but it seems there is no reason not to try it if you are a fan of flight simulators and space combat in general. Thank you for reading our EVE Valkyrie review. If you’ve already played the game, please share your thoughts in the comments!

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