How Much Is An Oculus Quest

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Welcome, fellow virtual reality enthusiasts, to the ultimate guide on the price of the Oculus Quest. If you’re in the market for a new VR headset, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the cost of the Oculus Quest, including the latest model, the Oculus Quest 2, as well as the original Oculus Quest, and all the accessories that go along with it.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s first talk about what makes the Oculus Quest so special. The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset, meaning it doesn’t require a PC or console to run. It’s incredibly portable and easy to set up, making it perfect for both VR veterans and newcomers alike. Plus, with its impressive graphics and motion tracking technology, the Oculus Quest offers an unparalleled virtual reality experience.

Now, onto the main event: the Oculus Quest 2. The latest and greatest in the Oculus Quest lineup, the Quest 2 boasts improved graphics, a higher resolution display, and a faster processing power. It’s also lighter and more comfortable to wear, making it perfect for those long VR sessions. But, as with most things in life, all of these improvements come at a price. The Oculus Quest 2 will set you back $299 for the 64GB model and $399 for the 256GB model.

But what if you’re not looking to break the bank? Fear not, my friends, because the original Oculus Quest is still available and offers a great VR experience at a more budget-friendly price. The original Oculus Quest has a 64GB model for $399 and a 128GB model for $499.

Now that we’ve covered the cost of the headsets themselves, let’s talk about the accessories. First up, the carrying case. This handy little accessory will set you back $40 and will keep your Oculus Quest safe and sound while you’re on the go. Next, we have the Elite Strap, which adds additional comfort and support for those long VR sessions. The Elite Strap will run you$49. If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, the Oculus Quest controllers, also known as Touch Controllers, will give you hand presence in the virtual world. These controllers retail for $129 for a pair. And for those who want to take their VR experience to the next level, the Oculus Quest 2 Fit Pack offers an additional battery and a more comfortable fit for the headset, which will cost you $49.

But what if you don’t want to buy all these accessories individually? No problem, my friends, because Oculus also offers bundle deals that include the headset, controllers, and additional accessories for a discounted price. The Oculus Quest 2 All-in-One bundle, for example, includes the Quest 2, a carrying case, and the Elite Strap for $348. The Oculus Quest All-in-One bundle includes the original Quest, a carrying case, and the Elite Strap for $448.

Now that we’ve covered the prices of the Oculus Quest and its accessories, let’s talk about where you can buy it. The Oculus Quest is available at various retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and the Oculus website. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and any current deals they may be offering. So, it’s always a good idea to check multiple places before making your purchase.

For those who may not have the cash on hand for a brand new Oculus Quest, there are also financing options available. Oculus offers financing through Affirm, where you can pay for your purchase in monthly installments with varying interest rates. This is a great option for those who want to spread out the cost of their purchase over time.

But, what if you’re looking for a cheaper option? Buying a used Oculus Quest can be a great way to save some money. However, it’s important to be cautious when buying a used device and to make sure it’s in good working condition before making your purchase. The price of a used Oculus Quest can vary depending on its condition and the seller, so be sure to shop around.

Lastly, for those who may have upgraded to the Oculus Quest 2 and are looking to get rid of their old Quest, Oculus also offers a trade-in program. You can trade in your old Quest for a discount on the purchase of a new one. The trade-in value of the Quest will vary depending on the condition of the device.

In conclusion, the Oculus Quest offers an incredible virtual reality experience and with the release of the Oculus Quest 2, the experience has only gotten better. Prices for the Oculus Quest 2 start at $299 for the 64GB model and $399 for the 256GB model. The original Quest starts at $399 for the 64GB model and $499 for the 128GB model. And while the Oculus Quest is a great device on its own, accessories such as carrying cases, Elite Straps, and controllers can enhance the experience. Bundle deals and financing options are also available for those looking to save some money. And for those looking for a more budget-friendly option, buying a used Oculus Quest or trading in your old one can be a great way to save some cash. So whether you’re a VR veteran or a newcomer, the Oculus Quest is definitely worth the investment. Happy virtual reality exploring!

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