Eagle Flight Review

Eagle Flight

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As virtual reality continues to develop as a separate gaming platform, it’s only natural that some developers will begin to branch out and provide experiences that can only work within the virtual environment. One such experience is Eagle Flight, a Playstation VR game that puts players in the role of an eagle, with all the freedom of flight that entails. The purpose of this Eagle Flight review is to take an objective look at the game, though not only its visuals but also its story. By doing so, players will receive the information they need to determine if the game is worth their time.

Eagle Flight

Developer Ubisoft
Game Type Flight Simulation
Compatible Equipment PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Number Of Players 1-6

Your VR Experience with Eagle Flight

Perhaps the most important thing we noted in this Eagle Flight review is how natural the game felt. VR is certainly not a gimmick here- it’s a very necessary part of the experience. From the visuals to the controls, you’ll be pulled into this game like few others. While there are always issues surrounding the headset like neck pain and eye strain, this is one of the few VR games with which you won’t have to worry about nausea.

VR Visuals

It’s possible to sum up the visuals in this Eagle Flight review with a single word – stunning. This is a very good looking game by any standards, but there’s something that’s uniquely special about how the presentation has been put together. The game’s main setting is the city of Paris, but the view that you get is a bit different than in most games that take place in the same setting. By pulling your eyes up to the skies, you’ll get to experience the city from a new angle. It’s a small change that pays off huge dividends, especially as you become more familiar with the setting.

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Perhaps the most natural point of comparison in terms of visuals for this Eagle Flight review is Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity. The modern iteration of the city is quite a bit different than the revolutionary-era setting of the other game, but there’s that same sense of sprawling life in both games. The game is just as stunning as you’d hope, and it’s just stylized enough that you won’t find yourself sliding into the uncanny valley very often. Somehow, this game makes Paris seem incredibly authentic even if doing so requires experiencing the city through the eyes of a bird.

Compatible VR Equipment

While Eagle Flight is probably best known at this point as a Playstation VR game, it does run on all three major VR platforms. This means that you’ll get your choice of equipment when playing the game, though the hardware specifications do differ a bit between the three iterations.

Eagle Flight Review

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If you’re using a PC-based VR system, you’ll need either the latest iteration of the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Because of the nature of the game’s controls, you’ll also need to pick up a controller – you can use a Steam controller, the Oculus Touch controllers, or your personal favorite modern video game controller for the task.

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This Eagle Flight review was played on the Playstation VR, which does simplify the requirements a bit. You’ll need a Playstation VR kit, a Playstation 4 or Playstation 4 Pro, and a Dualshock controller to play the game. The overall performance of the game is a bit better if you play on the PS4 Pro, but both the original model of the Playstation 4 and the newer models handle the game incredibly well.

Story and Player Skills

As we made our way through this Eagle Flight review, we noticed both that the game’s story was incredibly slight and that the lack of plot wasn’t really a problem. The game places you in the role of an eagle in a post-apocalyptic Paris, one where humans are long since gone and animals roam free. The city’s many landmarks are still standing, though, which helps to create the core loop of the game – finding, gaining access to, and eventually building a nest on one of Paris’ many well-known historic sites. There’s a story there if you want to pursue it, but it’s not one that matters in the long run.

This is a flight sim, albeit an untraditional game. Your primary goal as a player is going to be to learn how to maneuver quickly. Doing so is a matter of turning your head (and headset) to steer the bird, while using the controller to change up your speed and to use your attack. The game has a fairly gentle learning curve in terms of what it expects out of you, but the best players in multiplayer are able to pull off some incredible aerial stunts. You’ll definitely want to spend some time getting used to the controls and how your bird maneuvers before you start playing with others.

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Best VR Features

The absolute stand-out fact we discovered in this Eagle Flight review is that the game won’t make you sick, even though you’ll be flying through the air and making hairpin turns. VR developers are largely still trying to deal with the motion-sickness that comes with movement in this game, but Ubisoft seems to have stumbled onto something special here. Being able to take in the sights and enjoy the freedom of flight without getting sick really feels like it is helping to fulfill the promise of VR.

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Final Thoughts

Eagle Flight is a beautiful, enjoyable game that is pushing forward the boundaries of VR tech in ways that will be important for future development. While it might be relatively short and plot-free, it is nonetheless the kind of experience that you’ll want to show off to your VR-averse friends. If you’ve got any thoughts about the game – or if you want to know more about our experience with it – don’t be shy. Get in contact with us to talk more about this fantastic VR game.

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